Website of MMM Global

Today the website of MMM Global has started its activity. In its headings we tried to summarize the main points of MMM movement and unite its ideological and organizational basis with work tools of this new branch of worldwide system of hands-on assistance. Our audience is mostly the population of Western hemisphere, mainly European countries and Latin America. But, of course, we are open for all citizens of the Earth unsatisfied with the current world financial system and derivative social relations, people who want to find out constructive nonviolent alternative for such relations. More than a year web sites of this kind are functioning and are intensively developing in few of the largest countries of the world – Russia, India, Indonesia and others, the amount of participants are millions and doubles with a burst, nearly every week. Western culture is considered to be not that opened for collective forms of global self-organization of workforce. Nevertheless, we hope that new millions of new participants will appreciate the courage, simplicity and beauty of ideas that are laid and successfully realized in MMM. It is obvious that the solidarity, altruism and freedom are the features that are laid on the basis of any viable community. With the creation of MMM these universal principles obtained a tool for their practical realization – especially valuable taken in account the great global shock awaiting, as per the opinion of many analysts, the dominant type of civilization. Let’s try to change it hand in hand!