MMM News Digest — 18/09/2017


Greetings, dear members! We wish each one of you goodness and positive attitude! We're doing perfectly well which is why we're in a mar-vel-lous mood! MMM members are highly active. Therefore, everyone is paid in due amounts with no issues at all. We're on the rise and aren't going to stop at that. We're continuing to build a new just world for everyone! ;-))

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How Banks Deceive You by Issuing Credit Cards Free of Charge


The MMM Mutual Aid Community is building a just world where people will live happily and won't depend on banks. Its members help each other financially and earn a high stable income. These conditions free people from the need for loans and other facilities that make victim to debt bondage.
We've repeatedly told you about banks deceiving their customers. However, they've got dozens of other tricks to cheat gullible people. One of the tricks is making a gift for a customer in the form of a free credit card. However, in a couple of years the customer will have to pay quite a lot of money for this allegedly free card.

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MMM Saving from Debt


Members of the MMM Mutual Aid Community help each other financially and make a stable monthly income based on the amount of help provided. These conditions give everyone a chance to start from scratch — wipe off debts, provide for themselves and their families, do what they really like.
Our members send us loads of thank you letters, and today we would like to share one of these letters with you. The letter tells you how our Community help a family wipe off their debts.

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How to Create a Strong Password for MMM's Personal Office


The MMM Mutual Aid Community makes monthly payments to each of its members as a percentage of the amount of help provided. It also encourages inviting new members, expanding structures, etc. With MMM, each member gets a chance to become well-off.
However, the Web is full of conmen who pocket other people's cash. They could get a password to your Personal Office and transfer your Mavros to their accounts. Conmen use applications that generate passwords and crack codes automatically. If your password is too weak, you're under the threat of a hack.

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MMM News Digest — 11/09/2017


Dear participants! We wish you a wonderful mood!

We are sure MMM’s tremendous growth cannot but pleases you. Everybody is paid accrued percents, our members live out their dreams. We are really happy. :-))

Time is moving forward, and so is our Community. Everything is stable due to your active work. We cope with our tasks perfectly, expand MMM and become closer to our main goal -- a new fair world for ordinary people. Well done, guys! Keep it up! ;-))

One more week has passed, and we are going to share our news in weekly MMM digest. You will get to know how the things are going in different countries and read the news concerning cryptocurrencies. Let’s get it started!


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