MMM Global, weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi.


Hello! Here is the news. As our things are going perfectly, we don’t have much news today. The main news is that everyone gets paid. The System is evolving and all is in the regular course of work:-).

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Scheduled Maintenance .


Dear Participants

On Saturday, January 23, from 18:00 to 22:00 GMT the servers will be undergoing scheduled maintenance. During this time personal offices will be unavailable.

We want to let you know in advance.........

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We are starting new batch of MMM Global guiders school!


If you want to:

- know more about MMM, its community and about the way it works!

- gain experience from the top leaders of MMM!

- find better and more effective ways of inspiring people to join MMM!

- work as a team with like-minded people!

- grow as an MMM leader!

- become Financially Free!

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MMM Global, weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi.


Hello! Here is the news. What news actually can there be? Everything is as usual, the System is developing. In other words, there's a normal working process. What I would like to tell you, that everyone can see what is happening on stock exchanges: all shares are collapsing, and everything goes down in flames. Here's the simple question: why is it happening? All these factories which existed there, were they brought to naught? Went down the drain? They are still there, producing goods, but the prices of the plants possessing these goods, are somehow falling down. I.e. shares are depreciating. Why is it happening? Because investors are in panic. And as a consequence the shares are collapsing. First, this is what panic is. Secondly - what the modern financial world system stands for. I'm constantly repeating - what money is.

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MMM Global, weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi.


Hello! Here is the news. What news actually can there be? Everyone is celebrating holidays. All are in a festive mood. So, there is no news. Nevertheless, I hope that this new year 2016 will become the year of MMM.The System will progress to a new stage, I'm not even expecting, but am sure in it. But I want to repeat again that, for our part, we will make every effort, but everything will depend on you, the guiders and participants.

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